The groove hits the road at top speed with Blue Labeled, a bluesy rock act based Utrecht, Netherlands, featuring guitarist Paul Crezee. Paul’s musical sensibilities, fiery fingers and emotion fueled melodies are combined with a truckload of less than obvious arrangements and backed by an experienced band.

Completing the line up is front man Henk Overbosch, who’s impressive vocal range and performance keeps the audience on their toes. Blue Labeled are:

  • Erik van der Vlis – bassguitar
  • Peter Zaal – drums
  • Henk Overbosch – lead vocals
  • Paul Crezee – guitar/backing vocals

Each of them have over twentyfive years of experience playing in bands and working as session musicians on a wide variety of projects. The stage is obviously where these guys belong.

Blue Labeled cut their debut EP ‘Naked’ in 2011. Recorded at the magnificent Mailmen Studios, Utrecht, the EP is the band’s first major stop in their musical road trip. It consists of four hot tunes – all one word titles – and was thereafter presented to an enthusiastic and sweaty crowd, plus pleasantly surprised media presence, in Starsound Studios, Utrecht.

In following years the band wrote some more great material, and after a few gigs the crowds reaction supported this statement, resulting in the second EP ‘Strings’.

Blue Labeled is still writing and groovin’ and ready for the spring/summer festival season. So get ready for some great rocktunes and riffs, an energetic and dynamic show and goosebumping melodies.

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